* New Additions & Updates *

11/20/02: Bebeasts Roaring 20's
10/30/02: Halloween
10/12/02: Rosie Rose hits the web.
10/10/02: Bebeast Fashions Halloween Fashions.
8/09/2002: Sluggo's WildCat Pub.
5/05/02: BeBeastkitty put up her 4th of July collection.
5/01/02: Sitewide hunt to find as many mistakes as you can. Winner
gets a donation made to Furr Angels in their name.
5/01/02: Mama Yak and Nosey Parker visit Sam da Man
4/15/02: Our domain has moved. we do apologise for the lack of updates
in the last month. The site is undergoing complete renovations so if something
doensn't work let us know.
4/01/02: Mama Yak and Nosey Parker visit Freya at da BFCC
3/10/02:BeBeastkitty redesigned her pages
3/01/02: Mama Yak and Nosey Parker visit Buddee Gill
2/02/02: New Puzzle, BeBeastkitty Watching Snow
2/01/02: Mama Yak and Nosey Parker Elope
1/27/02: New Design
12/20/2001: Xmax page
11/23/2001: BeBeastkitty Fashions
11/17/2001: RC's Kittengarden Graduation
11/17/2001: BFCC/Claw Award Page
11/04/2001: Mama Yaks Law Office
10/21/2001: Halloween Links Page
9/19/2001: BeBeasts and Dragons Wed-Wink
9/1/2001: Added This page...LOL
9/1/2001: Webrings page added
8/31/2001: New Puzzle
7/01/2001: Updated Folklore page
7/01/2001: Meowth and Pikachu
7/01/2001: Sluggo's sitemap page added
7/01/2001: BeBeastkitty's sitemap page added
7/01/2001: RC's pages updated
7/01/2001: Brya's pages moved to new site

Some of thes dates are approximate but I will try to
note changes here as they happen from here on out :)

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