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My name is Sluggo and I am the only male cat out of all the cats here.
I am a purry catsome feller and am purry proud of my looks! One day my human had a friend over and I came walking down the hall. Everyone was starring at me, I thought nothing of this because I know I am a purrfect specimin of a cat and I should draw everyones stares. Little did I know I had a piece of fuzz dangling from my mouth as evidence of my last conquest of a stuffed animal. I could not figgure out what was so funny! Now my nickname is.....cringe.....Dinglefuzz
I have a beautiful wink named Annie Kadiddie. She is a black cat juss like me. She iz da luff of my life.
The girls all pick on me so I dug a tunnel entrance into meowfavorite hideout so I can escape them.
One of my favorite pastimes is baseball. Me and the boys love playz ball,but we dont have no girls in our baseball club. I also like to hang out at the Paddy's Pub
with the boys from Tomzrule and the Agency.

Boys Baseball Club
fat cat
fat cat

I am a Fat Is Fun Member
Me and my pals Henry and Freyahave lots of good times and adventures at the Back Fence Cat Club.
I am a member of The Folklore Society.
I am interested in Celtic folklore, especially the Celtic warriors.
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