Mrraoworks Meows

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June 2002

Merraows Kitties

Dis iz da month dat we are announcing da award for the Mrraoworks Hunt.
We want to thank all the kitties who participated.

The winner of the hunt is Chappys Place!
award They will recieve a little certificate and Mrraoworks
has made a dontation to SADSAC through Furr Angels
in their name.

Good job, Chappy, Futzel, Hellion and Booger!

Enjoy the summer, but please be carefull of what flea and tick
medicines you use. Ask you vet for the best advice!
Here are some of the happenings around the net. Enjoy and
stay cool.

Cattorney Delli Cat
(Motto: "Every girl cat has a right to sue every boy cat")
has filed suit againstNosey Parker, the Caterwaul, the Agency, Mr. McTavish,
Mokeand KeeKee.

Mama Yak has filed a counter soot

Carrourney Sammeye is currently in da court fighting da restraining order
dat da girlz have slapped on da boyz. Stay tuned for more news on this


Mama Yak and Nosey Parker Visit
This month Mama Yak and Nosey Parker
visit Madam Troublinsky.
This promises to be an adventure not to be missed!

Visit Madam Troublinsky, The Mystic Cat


WedWink Mews
Tigers Den
Nick and Keedies Wedwink
There's a mirror also

Mr. & Mrs. Jasper Jax


Fat is Fun Carnival

Protection by The Agency



Freya's Slumber Party

Yang invited all Kitties to her 4th of July BBQ.
Bring something for the buffet to.
Send a dressed picture by June 28th to: