Did somekitty say ATTAK?

Mama Yak

Meows efurrykitty. I am Yak Attak better known as Mama.


Meows was brought home from the great outdoors. People would call meow a barncat They didnt know at the time but meows was pregnant.

Meows had a litter of kittens. And my family kept Sluggo. Meows does not like him

Purrlease Spay and Neuter meour pets so another kitty does not have to live with their son like I do.

Do mew like baseball? I am on the baseball team Bitsy Whackers. On the first of Aprl we are playing a bunch of revoltin boyz. Its our first game but us gurlz are not worried.

Whackers baseball

I like any game that involves bats n ballz. My son Sluggo is on the opposing team ~snicker snicker~


Merraows I am also one of Rufus girls. Meows can be a beautiful social cat when I want to. Truth be told though..I just help my furfriend Lucy-Fur keep an eye on him.

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