I am in luff!


I have a bootifur girl and hers name is Chubby!

She is an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge.

She had FIP, her meowmie luffed her and did efferyfing she could
but dat awfur disease got her. I will miss her so much.


She is da moss precious baby in my life
and she shares my luff of catnip!


We iz takin a ride in my car and we will ride to wherefur
my bootifur girl wants to go, I fink she wants some jewels
so lets see what I go and gets her!

Fur Chubby
I got her diz bootiful kitty cuz she a bootifur kitty!
healing necklace
and diz bootifur necklace because it matches her fur
and it heals her kidneys.
I luff mine liddle Chubby girl!

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