Sluggo's Biography sluggo

Connor, King of Ulster, looked out upon his fields one evening and saw a strange flock of birds eating his crops. He summoned a few of his warriors to chase the birds off but the toms were unsuccesful. In a rage, he summoned his charriot. He and his sister Deichtine, along with a few trusted warriors set out to chase the birds off. They followed the birds to the Boann river where they encountered a storm. They found refuge in the house of a cat and his pregnant wife. Deichtine helped the wife give birth to a son.The next day the house and the couple had disappeared. Deichtine took the boy home with her and raised him as her own untill he died. That night Lugh, the Celtic God of Light appeared to Deichtine and told her that it was he that had summoned her to the house on the river Boann, and that she was was pregnant with his child. Lugh warned Deichtine that this kitten was not to eat the flesh of a dog, nor was he to pass a hearth without tasting the food that was cooking there. She was to call this cat Setana. Thus begins my tale. I am Cuchulainn, slayer of the Hound of Culan! My mother is Deichtine, the King of Ulster's sister. My father is Lugh, the Celtic God Of Light. I was raised as a warrior, skilled in magic and wisdom. Given the chioce of a long life or fame I have chosen fame. I earned my name Cu Cuchlainn, as a young kitten. I was playing ball at the house of Culan, the blacksmith when I was attacked by his huge black dog. I quickly killed the hound. Culan was upset, now he had no protection for his home. To make ammends for killing his dog I swore that I would become the protecter of his home and also to protect all of Ulster. At present I am the guardian of the house of Mrraoworks, where I am known as Sluggo Da Bug. I am called a manx cat and this is why I have no tail. On a trip to the Isle of Falga, now called the Isle of Man, I was tricked by Culroi. He posed as one of my cats and lead us into the stronghold of Mider's castle. In return he wanted one of the jewels we were to steal. He chose Bla´thnat Midlers' daughter. I was angered by this and we decided to resolve this through a duel. I was beaten and Culroi cut off my tail, forcing me to hide out in Ulster for a year while I regained my strength.


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