rcRC's Biography

I was was born on the planet Portchentia. This planet has an odd meshlike atmosphere that allows the oxygen to pass through. At the tender age of three months I left my home on Portchentia to come to Earth. I travelled quite a lot as a young kitten but as I have aged I stay back on Earth quite often. I like the space age here on Earth since I like the creature comforts. I am an internet addicted cat also and as mew are all aware, there was no internet back in the old days. I have also been known to crawl into a car and hide out so I can go for rides. Having a knack for all things technical, I was an advisor for NASA. I developed some furry important purrograms fur their space projects. On May 5,1961 Alan Shepherd became the first man in space thanks to much of my hard work. I also worked on a comittee on safety requirements for putting cats and men in space. On February 20, 1962 John Glen became the first man to orbit the earth. Beacuse of my dilligent efforts his trip was a safe one. My good furriend Orbit the Cat made her trip to space using some of the technology I developed especially for cats. I was not able to be among the first cats in space because of health reasons. At the present I am researching hip displasia in cats and hope to find a cure for this little know cat ailment.



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