The Legend Of The Nidubill
As passed down by
Queen Bitsy and RC Rotten

Long ago on the planet of Shelakovenia a hearty plant thrived. Da farmers called dis plant da , from da words nidu, meaning ugly and bil, meaning bilious. Nidu is a furry strong word in Shelakovenian, and does not have da same catnotations as it does fur da Earth kitties. Da Nidubil are proud to claim nidu in dere name, however, as dey are quite fierce. They have da advantage over most creatures on the planet, as dey can conceal dere color and fade out when dey want to pursue or frighten da Mookruh. When dis happens, da energy used to effect this change creates a halo-like substance which surrounds dem. It is furry deadly if it happens to fly off and land on da Mookruh, so dey has to constantly duck and dodge it. In da season of da purple moon da farmers would sacrifice a portion of the mookruh nectar dat was distilled from da mookruh flowers. As time went on da farmers became greedy and wanted more and more of da precious mookruh juice. One purple moon da mookruh farmers kept all da mookruh nectar fur demselves. Dis outraged da Nidubill. Dey had let da farmers grow da mookruh plant by not ofverunning the farmers fields, In exchange dey expected a portion of da flowers nectar. The Nidubill swore to return every purple moon to haunt da mookruh festival. Dis is why we have da Niduboo to ward off da Nidubill.

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