Shamrock S. Foote


Do mew seez da clover on my back? Diz means I am a furry lucky kitty. Diz also how I gotted moss my name. I am a furry mellow luffing kitty. I stays mossly out ob trouble.


Mine full name beez Shamrock S. Foote. Diz kinda embarrisin how i got diz name. I waz a klutzy kidden and often misstepped in my box. When diz happened I jumped on mine meowmie tew fix it! afur about da third time she called me shitfoot and it stuck! She made it sound better by tagging me as S. Foote but yeah dats me.


Aint diz a kewel bike? Its an Indian! I iz a memfur ob da Desfurados Motorcycle Club

reaper award

I won diz in da BFCC Halloween Cattest



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